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Demo Program


All demo racquets will need to be returned within 3 days. 

When picking up a demo racquet, we will need to do a pre-authorized payment on your credit card for the amount of the racquet price. At this point, no transaction is made, that means the money is not charged but only pre-authorized. Until passing the 3rd day of not returning the racquets, we will have the right to complete the transaction by charging the price of the racquet which was pre-authorized earlier when being picked up.

There is a $10 fee for borrowing one demo racquet. However, the fee will be reimbursed when you purchase any new racquet at the point of returning the demo racquets. Purchasing ONE new racquet can reimburse maximum of TWO demo fees ($20).

Customer is not liable to string breaking. However, customer is liable to racquet damaging, chipping, cracking, or losing. 

By signing the demo racquet log book, customer agrees to the terms and conditions listed above.

J Zone Racquets Demo Program

J Zone Racquets Demo Program